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Who We Are

We are generous women in Yavapai County funding local nonprofit agencies to help ensure that people in need receive food, clothing, shelter, transportation, medical attention, mental health advocacy, youth programs, senior care, and other essential services. Dedicated to helping our communities thrive through the tireless efforts of the nonprofit sector, many of us also volunteer. You will know us as busy, diverse, dynamic, energetic, and fabulous women taking time from our limitless demands as business professionals, wives, mothers, homemakers, seniors, and young women to put the power of 100+ to work.

How We Donate:

  • Four times a year, our members meet with a blank check or credit card ready to make an impact.
  • Each member is encouraged to nominate a local charity. The charities must meet eligibility requirements and nominations must be approved two weeks prior to the next meeting.
  • Prior to our meetings, three charities will be randomly selected from the approved list of charities. The respective nominating members will make a brief five-minute presentation about the charity’s purpose and the significance of a large gift to the organization.
  • Members may ask questions following each presentation.
  • If the nominating member is unable to answer a question, she may defer to another member to assist in However, the presentation time belongs to the member selected.
  • Immediately following the presentations and Q&A period, members will vote anonymously for their preferred charity.  Members must be present to vote.
  • Each member (or team) writes a check for $100 or fills out a credit card slip to the charity with the most votes.  Any members not in attendance must make arrangements to send their check with a trusted friend to the meeting or route by U.S. mail to the group administrator.
  • All member donations must be received within seven (7) days of the meeting.
  • All members are invited and encouraged to deliver the group gift to the selected nonprofit within three (3) weeks of the meeting.
  • The selected nonprofit is invited to the following meeting to share the impact the members’ gift has made.

Additional Information

  • A vote resulting in a two-way tie will initiate the second round of votes.  If still tied, the award recipient will be drawn at random.
  • Charities receiving donations may not be nominated again for the following 18 months.  
  • Each member may have one nomination on file at any given time.
  • The awarded charity must follow up with tax receipts directly to our members. Members are responsible for ensuring that the mailing address on the check/donation form is accurate.
  • Awarded charities agree to not utilize or share our members’ contact or other information.